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D&H Sécheron, incepted in 1966, is today among the leading welding manufacturers in India. The company is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that offers a comprehensive range of welding solutions in the form of consumables, equipment, training, and fabrication. There are over 800 products that are exclusively ‘Made in India’, with facilities in Indore. All the products are tested at inhouse NABL accredited lab, and thereafter distributed globally.


The company products range from E7018 (Supratherme) to electrodes of import quality, and some are so unique that they do not have a national or international code. D&H Secheron’s products have created a mark in fulfilling its customers demand.

About D&H Sécheron


D&H Secheron, was a Swiss collaboration to develop high-quality welding consumables ‘In India For India’. In 1994, the Swiss company was taken over by an Indian Entrepreneur – Mr. A.H Maheshwari. With this, D&H Secheron has achieved new heights of success. Today, the company leads the welding consumables market in terms of innovation to satisfy every requirement of the customer. The products range from Rail joining (Lotherme 457 IVR) to nuclear reactor vessel welding (BATOX-D(NP)). Utmost importance to the delivery of quality products, is what the company has always focused upon, and has received the ISO 9001,14001 and18001 certifications.

Introducing products that can meet the ever-evolving dynamics of the market is no easy task, but D&H Secheron accomplishes this with relative ease under the technical brilliance of Dr. TJ Prasada Rao and his team of more than 22 experts. Dr. TJ Prasada Rao, Executive Director Technical, leads product development and technical services for D&H Secheron. His team develops innovative products at a rapid pace and can meet new customer requirements in a matter of weeks, like he has accomplished in the past for customers like NTPC, BHEL and other major conglomerates.

Through Dr. Rao, D&H Secheron can offer extensive technical assistance to its huge client base with technical seminars, on site visits, regular technical insights on how to weld using special products and more.


The D&H Secheron’s Lotherme range of products are utilized to repair many cement plant components. The company has more than 50 different products in its Lotherme range, each one carefully crafted to meet the client’s requirement. Products like Lotherme 464, 457 IVR, 605, 610, and 616 leads the special range and cover everything from crusher rotor hard facing to rail joining.

Take a look at the illustration of a cement plant and company products for each application.

Lotherme’s 605 and 610, the double defense, are both for hard facing activities with 605 specializing in crusher-rotor and 610 in impactor arm. 605 stands tall amongst their peers due to 57 Rockwell Scale hardness obtained which can fight heavy abrasion with ease and double layer deposition without the need for a base layer. 610 is unique due to its ability to take heavy impact and rapidly hardens to twice its hardness which helps prolonging component life to 12 months. They are called the double defense due to their compatibility and synergy. As the top 605 layer wears out, the 610 layer is ready to face wear and tear allowing the machinery to work for longer with fewer breakdowns.

Products like Lothereme 616, 464 and 457 IVR provide cover on multiple fronts. 616 for coal mill VRM buttoning jobs is a 1 stop option for making fresh buttons on sinter cast vertical roller mill tyres while 464 is ideal to join SS or other steels with high strength, good elongation and toughness and the ability to withstand oxidation till 1100 Deg Celsius. This makes Lothereme 464 ideal to withstand service conditions encountered by anchors at work. Lotherme 457 IVR offers excellent resistance to rolling and sliding, while the deposit itself has great hardening properties when used.

Oil & Gas

Mumbai High, India’s first offshore oil rig was setup by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India (ONGC) in 1974. Today, ONGC has grown exponentially to produce 70% of India’s crude oil and 84% of India’s natural gas, thanks to the consistent quality of consumables provided by D&H Secheron. Along with ONGC, national player like The Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) and international player like the Dangote Group (Rs 28,000 Crore Industrial Conglomerate in Africa) uses D&H Secheron’s wide array of Oil & Gas related special electrodes. Products like D&H 2594(NS), Autotherme Grade E, Maxflux SAF 8(LS), F80S-Ni2 and the famous Supratherme (Mod) continues to showcase its innovation in this segment.

D&H Secheron’s world famous E7018, Supratherme, has been altered and refocused as Supratherme(Mod) for sour gas applications for the likes of ONGC, IOCL and GSPL amongst others. This product stands out due to its toughness, crack resistance on the weld metal and its low hydrogen need.

D&H 2594(NS)is known for its strength, impact energy and resistance to stress for super duplex stainless steels. This product is regularly used by companies like ONGC and Anugraha Valve. Autotherme Grade E and Maxflux SAF 8(LS), a wire and flux combination for sour gas application produces excellent toughness and crack resistance. It is well appreciated by Dangote Group. F 80S-Ni2 is a unique product due to its ability to withstand low temperate, while maintaining its strength and toughness in a temperature of -60 degree Celsius. This product is typically used in liquified propane and butane transportation by ONGC.


The National Thermal Power Company generates 25% of India’s electricity on the back of D&H Secheron’s product innovation that consistently allows them to keep plants running at 80% capacity compared to the national average of 65%. Larsen & Toubro Hydrocarbons can consistently deliver top notch projects with the help of D&H Secheron’s wide array of fabrication products. Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) continues to deliver innovative and high-quality products joined with D&H Secheron’s wide range of Nickel specials. The specials for Nickel based fabrication like D&H 1400(Mod), 1212(NS), 1223(NS), Autotherme 1223 and 1225, FW 1223 and 1225; adds to a successful completion of any projects of BHEL, L&T and NTPC.

D&H 1400(Mod) is known for its heat resistance and toughness at 1000 degrees Celsius and is great for weld metals with low carbon which is the driving force for its extensive use by BHEL. D&H 1212 (NS) is for cryogenic service to weld clad side joints, again favored by BHEL.

For surfacing of alloy steel where temperature range from cryogenic to 540 degrees Celsius, D&H Secheron offers 1223 (NS) for SMAW applications, Autotherme 1223 for GMAW applications, and FW 1223 for GTAW applications. Where optimum strength and oxidation is required with temperature from 820 degrees to 1150 degrees; Autotherme 1225 and FW 1225 are on offer. All five products are used by ISGEC Heavy Engineering and L&T Hydrocarbons for their casting and fabrication.

Steel and Ancillaries

The massive infrastructure like the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, the Sardar Vallabh Patel stadium or the Bogibeel bridge; stand tall, built on steel and concrete and welded together by D&H Secheron’s electrodes, the Autotherme class. Autotherme is famed for its reliability in working with steel and its ancillary industries like ship building, industrial products, power equipment and so on.

Autotherme 90S-D2 is capable of high strength and is used for pipeline manufacturing and earth moving equipment where high tensile strength is needed. Today, the ships made in the Cochin shipyard sail the seven seas because of this. For similar and dissimilar steels, Autotherme 309L, 310 and 312 electrodes offer unparalleled quality in terms of oxidation resistance, crack resistance and fissure resistance. These products are used across the board by Companies like Godrej Boyce and Larsen & Toubro. The Autotherme class of electrodes extends further from Autotherme 318 to 430 and further for similar steels, with each product focused on resistance to corrosion, but used in different areas due to mechanical properties.


The lights in your home, the device on which you read this, is all powered by electricity generated by NTPC through BHEL and L&T turbines. But what makes those turbines run so effectively – Cromotherme. D&H Secheron was the first to develop an alloy steel electrode, Cromotherme in 1988, for fabrication and maintenance of power plants. Today,the company has overlapped from version 1 to several subvariants like 91, 92, RTE and so on.

Take a look at the illustration of a power plant and company products for each application.

D&H Secheron started this journey with Crometherme-1(RTE) used in reactors and power plants all over the country famous for its ability to resist temper embrittlement and improve subzero impact properties best for welding hydrocarbons between 400 to 600 degrees Celsius. The company evolved to the more efficient Cromotherme-2 (RTE) that redefined resistance and impact properties, taking them to new heights. Subvariants like Cromotherme-23 were developed which were ideal for boiler material like P23 steel. The next subvariant was Cromotherme-20(Mo) for casting with excellent elevated temperature properties. The most recent developments have been Cromotherme 91 and 92, ideal for creep resistant P91 and P92. This is a non-synthetic electrode that provides improved creep strength, toughness, oxidation, and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. All in all, its been a long journey for Cromotherme, but today it stands out as a world class product made in India by an Indian company.



D&H Secheron continues to define welding innovation by developing new products at an unprecedented rate. From made to order products to import quality products to every product on the AWS classification, D&H Secheron has them all. To go along with the unparalleled product range and quality, there is an immense technical understanding and support of a qualified team of professionals who have spent decades in the field and have innumerable technical qualifications.

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