UEI Gardena Introduces New Welding Program




From aerospace and military applications to positions in private and public industry building bridges, highways, and buildings, career opportunities abound for eager and experienced welding professionals. While demand varies by the U.S. region a skilled welder should be able to find work anywhere. Projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that jobs for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers will continue to grow for nearly another decade.


To meet this demand, the UEI College Gardena campus has launched the all-new Welding vocational training program, designed for students who love working with their hands designing, creating or repairing equipment. Through a combination of specialized coursework, practical experience, and lab activities, students will get up to speed for an entry-level career in the field in as few as 10 months.

“We are pleased to add Welding to our program offerings in Gardena,” said Tim Gramling, LP.D., Executive Director. “In this program, we introduce students to shielded arc, STICK, MIG, TIG and pipe welding techniques. Perhaps most importantly, we emphasize safe operating procedures for storing, moving and using welding equipment. We are excited about the opportunity to train future welders for this high demand program in the greater Los Angeles area.”

Career training at UEI Gardena could set up the Welding program students for the career of their dreams. The Welding program is student-focused, providing learners with a uniquely practical learning experience. Students will be trained in several processes and fabrication skills, taught different welding techniques, receive foundational training in metals, shop skills, and reading blueprints. Welding program students will also be introduced to soft skills like communications, human relations, job hunting, and safe work practices. The campus is welcoming and well-equipped, featuring smaller class sizes to ensure that students receive the attention they need to succeed.




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